Feeding Prosperity: One Family at a Time


The Montana Partnership to End Childhood Hunger (MT-PECH) is a statewide coalition guided and coordinated by Montana No Kid Hungry. We consider MT-PECH an extension of our team that allows us to broaden partnerships and expand our scope of work beyond our typical capacity.


MT-PECH operates within four goal areas that serve as extensions to our No Kid Hungry work model:

  1. Equitable Access and Quality
    All children and families have equitable access to three healthy meals a day and nutrition education.
  2. Policy and Advocacy
    Montana’s systems are designed to address the root causes of childhood hunger and poverty.
  3. Awareness and Narrative
    Montanans recognize that people having equitable access to healthy food is a priority.
  4. Support and Engagement
    A broad group of stakeholders is meaningfully connected, supported, and engaged.


Visit the Montana Partnership to End Childhood Hunger website to learn more about the specifics of each of these goal areas, the MT-PECH mission, and a list of coalition members and partners.