For those thinking about starting a mobile program, this toolkit provides a thoughtful set of questions to evaluate community need as well as organizational capacity to implement this service model. For those who are already running mobile programs, the toolkit provides detailed guidance, tips and best practices to support your work. The toolkit is divided into two sections: the first section provides an overview and preliminary needs assessment for mobile meals, while the second section goes deep into key aspects of program planning and implementation.

This toolkit was designed for experienced summer meals program sponsors and created with support from the Arby’s Foundation, in collaboration with Community Wealth Partners (a Share Our Strength organization).

Section 1: Overview and Needs Assessment

For those who are just getting started with mobile meals or considering opportunities to improve an existing program, these resources provide a thoughtful set of questions and guidance to determine the level of need and organizational capacity to successfully implement this service model.

​​​Section 2: Planning and Implementation

Once you have determined that mobile meals are the right fit for your program, the next step is to clarify which resources and community partners are needed to ensure success. You’ll also need to get into the specifics of what makes each program successful and develop an effective implementation plan that accounts for program regulations, operating costs, food safety, labor, transportation, and outreach.