What is Nebraska SNAC?

The Nebraska Student Nutrition Action Committee (SNAC) focuses on expanding access to child nutrition programs during both school and out-of-school time in order to make sure every child has the food they need to reach their full potential.

Mission and Vision

We strive to connect kids to meals across Nebraska by educating and engaging key stakeholders and identifying, developing and sharing resources, training and best practices. Nebraska SNAC aims to ensure every child in Nebraska has access to the food they need to learn and grow.

How does Nebraska SNAC support schools?

  • Offer trainings and technical assistance  
  • Provide school, district, and county level meal participation and equity data analyses  
  • Support peer to peer connections 
  • Offer grant opportunities  
  • Share innovative practices through our Nebraska champions network
  • Disseminate national and Nebraska research and best practices
  • Raise up the essential work of nutrition staff
  • Work together to make sure every child in Nebraska has the food they need to reach their full potential!

Who is a part of SNAC?

Nebraska SNAC includes Nebraska community organizations, community organizations, governmental agency representatives, school districts, advocacy groups, and educational associations. Participation in the community is open.

To participate, please reach out to  Eric Savaiano at Nebraska Appleseed, Nebraska SNAC’s facilitator.

Nebraska SNAC Steering Committee

Nebraska Appleseed
Nebraska Department of Education
The No Kid Hungry Campaign