SNAP is one of the most effective tools to fight child hunger. It’s so important that we are declaring Wednesday, June 24 a national Day of Action on SNAP. The goal? To rally the nation to demand relief for hungry kids and families. This is a day to join our collective voices online to advocate to our leaders that #SNAPFeedsKids.

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, millions of families have been pushed into unemployment, financial strain, poverty and hunger. SNAP can make sure that families have sufficient resources to safely feed themselves, but we need stronger benefits that can be used in more places. We have the chance to make a difference with policies in the next coronavirus relief package, but we need to act. 

Make your voice heard on SNAP Day of Action by: 

  1. Emailing Congress: Urge your Senator to strengthen SNAP in the next coronavirus relief package.
  2. Sharing on Social: Use this Advocacy Toolkit to post on your social channels. Pick the message(s) and image(s) that speak to you and copy/paste them from your account(s). Join us in posting all day or participate in our Twitter Storm from 4:30 to 5:30 pm ET.

Thank you for lending your voice for kids in need.