Nebraska Nutrition Hero Hall of Fame

Congratulations to all of our 2021 Nebraska Nutrition Heroes!

May 7th is National School Lunch Hero Day and to celebrate, Nebraska SNAC reached out to administrators, teachers, nutrition staff, and parents and asked them to nominate school nutrition heroes in their communities.
We received over 50 nominations of school nutrition heroes!

We invite you to check out stories of their amazing work below and celebrate their work by sharing.

Congratulations, Sharon!

Sharon Davis, Administrator of Nutrition Services at the Nebraska Department of Education is retiring May 14th.

In honor of School Lunch Hero Day on May 7th, we would like to especially honor an amazing Nebraska nutrition champion, Sharon Davis! Through her leadership and advocacy on behalf of Nebraska children, Sharon has impacted schools and families in tremendous ways. Read more about Sharon from those who have worked with her over the years below.

“Michelle takes the time to learn students’ names so she can call them by their name. It helps so much with their self esteem and communication in the lunch line. She also is amazing because she tries to make the lunch line fun for her kids. She teases, jokes and “passes” uncrustables; the kids get mad if she doesn’t now! Her company, Lunchtime Solutions, allows her to put stickers randomly on the bottom of the trays several times a year. Each time the kids with stickers get to choose a prize, usually an a la cart item. The kids love it and love her.” 

~ Nominated by Rhonda Summer, School Secretary and Lunch POS operator; Anselmo-Merna Public School.  


“Kelly and her crew went above and beyond the call of duty during the summer. She was at the school before 5 am fixing and sacking lunches for delivery in addition to her other responsibilities.”

~ Nominated by Marie Parker, School Nurse; Banner County School


“Sue Talkington is a great team player in the kitchen – always ready to help out in any way that she can with a positive attitude when plans change without warning. Flexibility is important in a small school! Sue not only prepared, but also delivered meals during our SFSP! Our students looked forward to seeing Sue during the daily deliveries, as a way of connecting to school during the 5 month closure.” 

~ Nominated by Dr. Evelyn Browne, Superintendent; Banner County School

“Rose is dedicated to our program, she is our breakfast server for our elementary students. She always has a smile on and greets every student. You can always hear her laughing or asking a shy student to use a thumbs up or down if they want a fruit or juice with their meal that day. She will learn students’ names and help them come out of their shells, and at lunch when they see her take a break they will say “thank you” or you hear a quiet “Hi Ms. Rose.” On the days that she couldn’t make it in, and I had to cover, almost every student would ask where she is. Rose has made an impression on all of our students.”

~ Nominated by Caren Clark, Kitchen Manager; Cedar Bluffs Public Schools 

We are a very small school and these three ladies work extremely hard to make sure our students have a hot breakfast and hot lunch every day of school.” 

~ Nominated by Eugene Hanks, Superintendent; Crawford Public Schools

“Amney & Teri have gone above and beyond for our school district to make the breakfast and lunch environment as safe as possible during COVID-19. They delivered meals to students over the summer, a service we had never offered before. These women work hard to make the menu fun and interactive for the kids with different themes surrounding the holidays, and continue to have a variety of items on the menu. Amney & Teri truly are heroes to our school and have built excellent relationships with the students they serve!”

~ Nominated by Jena Hansen, Business Manager; Creek Valley Schools

“Jodi has served our community through the pandemic with grace and style. She has made a great effort to coordinate and supply our school students with food and milk whether we were in school or not. There were many challenges and she came through with flying colors!” 

~ Nominated by Terri Cooper, Nutrition Services Secretary; Crete Public Schools


“Brenda offers a wide variety of breakfast entree choices every day. She tries to think outside the box to offer new items. She takes the time to talk to as many of the children as possible. She knows their favorites and is ready to serve them every day with a hidden masked smile.”​

~ Nominated by Jane Rhine, Food Service Director; Fairbury Public School

“Our food service crew goes above and beyond to prepare meals the kids will enjoy and are nutritious. They are always coming up with a new menu item, for example, breakfast sandwich sliders, or taco pockets. They pride themselves on the quality of the food they serve. They are also some of the most caring and compassionate people I know, any of them would bend over backward to make sure a student had what they needed.” 

~ Nominated by Lori Liggett, Superintendent; Gordon-Rushville Public Schools

“From decorating the lunch line for amazing theme days, to ensuring every student gets lunches to take home over break, Deb Hopkins has cemented her place as a School Nutrition Hero for Lincoln Elementary. Her cheerful demeanor and care for each and every student who comes through the building makes lunch more than just a highlight for the day; it makes the student’s day spectacular. In the past I have had students who wanted to learn to cook she has taken time out of her free time to come back to school, open up the kitchen, and help students bake a cake or make some donut holes. Something that will stick with those kids long after their school days are over.” 

~ Nominated by Kevin Butters, Fifth Grade Teacher; Grand Island Public Schools

In the last year, Kris and Lauren have spent endless hours creating new ways to provide meals to the children of not only our school district but other districts in Grand Island. In the months when our students were on remote learning, they organized the distribution of over 350,000 meals to the students of Grand Island. Adjustments had to be made at a moment’s notice and they were always able to accomplish successful changes. They have served as an integral part of our Pandemic Team for the district and have ensured that food security is a top priority.” 

~ Nominated by Chris Vrooman MSN, RN, Lead Nurse; Grand Island Public Schools

Kelly Krapp has a can-do attitude! She exhibits a rare blend of great management skills and outstanding people skills. As a manager she keeps things running smoothly and has a robust knowledge in her area of expertise. It is easy to see that Kelly values each person, whether adult or child. In the kitchen manager position, there are many demands. Kelly does not complain and is able to put both students and staff at ease. In my preschool classroom, we are frequently in need of her help in organizing and accessing our snack food. We also look to her in providing snacks to meet various food restrictions. Kelly graciously and effectively responds to our ongoing requests with “we can do that”, “we got this” or “no problem!”

~ Nominated by Laurie Yost, Preschool Para; Gretna Public Schools

“Miss Sue ( as the kids call her) works tirelessly to feed our students. She takes their health seriously and individualizes meals when needed. She knows their names as they go through the line to greet her; she is always smiling at them; and she keeps a close eye at what they like and don’t like in any given lunch. Sue takes care of all of our staff here too! Miss Sue is a very important HERO at Palisades Elementary School She is our HERO!”

~Nominated by Salli Wells, Principal; Gretna Public Schools

Stephanie takes the time in an extremely busy Middle School lunch line to learn the students names. She does this fluidly while serving and making sure the students receive their full lunch. When students walk up to her they are greeted with an enthusiastic smile, their names and a happy hello. All the while balancing all the utensils, the lunch tray and miscellaneous packets of sauces. She notices when they are gone, asks them about their day and how they are. A friendly face sometimes makes all the difference in a day and students receive that in her line every day.” 

~ Nominated by Michelle, Secretary; Gretna Public Schools

These ladies go above and beyond to make sure the children have a well balanced lunch. They always have a smile on their face no matter the circumstance! Kitchen manager always delivers our preschool snacks and makes sure we have everything we need!” 

~ Nominated by Kati, Preschool Para; Gretna-Thomas Elementary

Mattie always greets her kids with a smile and she likes to get to know them. She knows that many of her kids come from challenging home situations and she wants to be that person that shows them she cares. She takes pride in preparing something special or out of the ordinary on holidays or for special school events. The kids look forward to seeing what she will come up with and know that she really cares about them. They really adore her!”

~ Nominated by Linda Shaw, Spanish Teacher; Hastings Public Schools

“Shawn Hawkinson has made a difference specifically for the students at Hawthorne Elementary in Hastings, NE. He has held that kitchen together through an incredibly rough year with regard to multiple changes in feeding styles and programs types, as well as multiple manager staffing issues and changes. He greets the students every morning with a smile and kind, encouraging words. He communicates with the school staff and administration in a very effective and pleasant way – they all LOVE him! And last, but certainly not least, he works diligently to be sure every student receives the same nutritious meal whether they are the first in line or the last one through. He believes strongly in the idea that being last in line should NOT mean you get anything less than the best. I have great respect and immense appreciation for all his hard work and dedication. He is truly a school nutrition HERO!” 

~ Nominated by Cheri Bullock, Food Service Director; Hastings Public Schools

She is very flexible and willing to do extra things for kids that have special food requests. Being a CNA I have a diabetic student that I need the carb count of everything that he eats. So if there is a menu change she is very good about letting me know so that if I need to adjust his insulin I can do that.”

~ Nominated by Terri Siebrass, CNA; Hasting Public Schools 


Suzanne has worked diligently, during this challenging year, to serve the students and keep them coming in each day. Even with a mask on her positivity has shown through and that makes her a Nebraska School Nutrition Hero to me!”

~ Nominated by Kimberly Lows, Food Service Director; Hershey Public School

These ladies are great workers and develop positive relationships with everyone our building. They truly care about every student and make sure they are well fed daily. They develop meals that all students enjoy! They are part of what makes HD an outstanding district!”

~ Nominated by Cole Fischer, 7-12 Principal; Howells-Dodge Public School

Jenny has worked timelessly making sure she is providing meals that students enjoys and will not waste. She tries new menu items and then goes around and asks students if they like or not. She wants to make sure that the kids enjoy the meals. She is always trying to get kids to try new items.” 

~Nominated by Kim Miller, Bookkeeper; Lakeview Community School

“Dorothy is truly a local hero to our students and families at LCC School! She exudes a CAN DO attitude and approach to all that she does! Throughout the pandemic, Dorothy has found ways to creatively and flexibly provide nutritious meals for students, while caring for her staff and those in our schools. Dorothy is an important reason why LCC is the place to be!!” 

~ Nominated by Jeremy Christiansen, Superintendent; Laurel-Concord-Coleridge School

Chris always goes above and beyond for our students at the elementary/JH school. She has adapted to the pandemic while still providing that love she always has through her food. She also helped provide delivery and preparation of meals to several kids during last year when school was not in person.”

~ Nominated by Krystal Borges, Food Service Director; Leyton Public Schools

My team has not missed a beat when it came to feeding our kids. Only one day after we closed last year, we were shipping meals, about half the meals out the back door and delivering the other half. We have been fortunate that we started back to school, in house, in August, we’ve done a lot of individual packaging and cupping, but we’ve made it work.”

~Nominated by Bonnie Sekutera, Dietary Manger; Loup City Public Schools

Cindy Monson and her entire crew of staff and volunteer make lunches extra special for our kids. They are not only dedicated to providing the healthiest food and great service, they build up the school spirit, participating in spirit activities, and Advent and Lent activities. Cindy is able to draw in local producers, serving up fresh veggies in the fall and other home grown entrees, totally creative and made with love.”

~ Nominated by Kathleen Roberts, Parent; Lourdes Central Catholic Schools 

We were fortunate to remain in school for in-person learning all year this year. Cindy and her lunch program team “The Lunch Bunch“ have gone above and beyond to continually make adjustments to follow Covid recommendations and keep our students and educators healthy and safe; all while recruiting volunteers and extra helpers during the year.

She also is extremely creative in her lunch menu and in promoting the lunch program to our students and families. She participates in numerous food service or food celebrations, promotions, themes, special days, contest. She does a great job of bringing creativity
 with those different opportunities and sharing information with the students & families. She has implemented several farm to table opportunities and worked with local producers and families. Cindy brings creativity and a passion for what she does to the lunch room every day.”

~ Nominated by Brooke Chaney, School Advancement; Lourdes Central Catholic Schools

Lacie is the Food Services Manager at the Primary Building of Lourdes Central Catholic Schools. When the Food Service Manager took over the position at the main campus, (just a couple weeks before the beginning of the school year) Lacie went above and beyond helping with details, menus, paperwork, orders, you name it and there was Lacie, helping in any way she could. I didn’t even elaborate on all the little things she does above and beyond for the children at our school…she is an unsung hero and well deserving of this award!”

~ Nominated by Carolyn Whitney, Hot Lunch Staff; Lourdes Central Catholic Schools

During quarantine, Maribel stepped up and helped organize, cook and deliver meals to our students on a daily basis from March of 2020 to current time. Granted we are back in session now, but some of our students chose to stay remote. We are still delivering meals to those students on a daily basis. This has been a big undertaking as we have to feed our in school students as well as deliver to those at home. She has not waivered or complained at any point in time.”

~ Nominated by Diana Closson, Administrative Assistant; Minatare Public Schools

Mitch Novak goes above and beyond to make sure our students receive nutritional meals. When COVID hit, Mitch stepped up and wanted to get a game plan going to make sure kids received meals during the “at home” months and when we gradually opened our doors back up for school. Since Mitch has been here, his first priority is making sure the kids are provided the nutrition they need. You do not find many people in the workforce these days like Mitch. Nice guy, team player, polite are just a few words I would use to describe this caring man. He deserves to be recognized for his caring work.” 

~ Nominated by Terry Hopkins, Administrative Assistant; Nebraska City Public Schools

Ms. Bell has a deep passion for helping children make healthy choices and also provide tasty, delicious, nutritious meals. She created our community garden and helps scholars see how you can harvest cucumbers and turn them into pickles, which is a fun treat. Ms. Bell also created a menu item tasting so that students could give input as to what items they would like to see on the menu. Not only does she help with a wonderful nutritious lunch and breakfast program, Ms. Bell is also a safe place for scholars to be when they need a break from the stresses of the day. She welcomes them and is willing to have them go across the street to water the garden and harvest so that they can take a break from the school day. Ms. Bell dedicates many weekends to preparing and delivering meals to families in need. She is much more than just the lunch lady, she is a true nutrition hero!” 

~ Nominated by Susan Toohey, Head of School; Nelson Mandela Elementary

Brandon Williams is an effervescent health and PE teacher. His passion is both contagious and palpable, spreading to those fortunate enough to find themselves in his gym for class. He is in charge of implementing our Fresh Fruit Vegetable Program (FFVP). Mr. Williams selects and prepares our weekly tasting and encourages every scholar to try fresh samples with great enthusiasm. Brandon Williams teaches invaluable lessons about health and physical education with a zeal that keeps each and every scholar engaged. His work at Nelson Mandela is worthy of the highest praise.” 

~ Nominated by Riannon Bell, Head of Culinary; Nelson Mandela Elementary

Lori just started this year. Starting the job as a food service director is always a challenge but she has done so effortlessly, without complaining… all while managing the pandemic. She has served more meals this year than any other food service director and she does it with a smile on her face and a boisterous laugh to keep everyone smiling. Lori has a lot to learn for a lot of reasons with being new but she has learned far more than most given the circumstances all this year. I’m so proud of her.”

~ Nominated by Sr. Janelle Buettner, Principal; North American Martyrs School

The North Bend Central kitchen staff has always made delicious food, but this year they showed resolve, grit, determination and creativity to serve our students lunch every single day of the school year during a pandemic. I love them! Great job, NBC kitchen staff!”

~ Nominated by Dr. Dan Endorf, Superintendent; North Bend Central Public Schools


Dianne is very passionate about the meals that our kids receive! If she serves a kid with braces or gets to know the fruits they struggle with, she will make sure to have accommodations! While the covid restrictions we have are enforced, these kids get options! Thanks Dianne!” 

~ Nominated by Stacey Bach, Food Service Director; Ogallala Public Schools

“Terah has been a life saver during this very hectic time. Her heart is with the kids and always has a friendly smile for everyone at school. I don’t know what we would do without her.”

~ Nominated by Brenda Buchholz, Food Service Director; Overton Public Schools

These three women keep the lunchroom lively and fun with decorations. They sponsor contests for the students at different times throughout they year. They dress for holidays and special events. They read to the students for special events and sometimes provide music for them to listen to. They are advocates for our students and have wonderful relationships with them. Throughout the pandemic when school was closed they made, packaged and delivered many delicious and nutritious meals to our students letting them know they were missed and that their school family cared about them.”

~ Nominated by Lori Holmstedt, Administrative Assistant; Paxton Consolidated School District 51-0006 

Last spring, when almost all other school employees were sent home due to the pandemic, Linda helped devise and carry out a plan to continue feeding our students for the next 8 weeks. She worked more hours when school was closed compared to when we were open and serving students on campus. She demonstrated extraordinary commitment, flexibility, and resolve to provide 2 meals to any child in our district that requested it. She and her team prepared twice as many meals when the school was closed compared to the previous spring meal count. She demonstrated the essence of “servant leadership”!”

~ Nominated by Darron Arlt, Superintendent; Plainview Public Schools

When our District closed in March of 2020 due to the pandemic, Judy Kyle took charge to ensure that our students would be fed daily, even from home. Judy and her food service team got to work immediately distributing take-home meals for families in need. Together, the foodservice team distributed 1,600 meals each week during the spring closure. During the summer, that increased to 9,200 meals each week. Judy and her team immediately put into action new health and safety protocols to ensure that not only were food service workers safe, but the distribution process was also compliant with CDC guidelines and local DHM’s for students and families to safely attain their meals.

The organization, planning, and thoughtfulness that Judy and her team performed day in and day out is commendable. They worked long, hard hours and put the needs of our most vulnerable students and families first. Since students have returned to school this past fall, Judy and her team have ensured that breakfast and lunch procedures follow health and safety guidelines including packaging food, serving meals, and lunchroom protocols.

They continue to serve students who are in-person learning, as well as pre-packaging weeks worth of meals for students who choose to continue remote learning, so that they too may have nutritious meals as they learn from home. In a District where 57% of our students qualify for free and reduced lunch, Judy has been a true servant leader serving our community to provide meals to fulfill the basic needs of our students and families. We are so grateful for Judy and her team of food service workers. Judy truly represents the “Be Kind” mantra we try to exemplify in Ralston and we are proud to have her serving in our District.” 

~ Nominated by Katy Core, Communications; Ralston Public Schools

Since entering the global pandemic in March 2020, Patty has worked diligently to ensure the students of Raymond Central have had access to at least one healthy meal per day. From serving meals during the week from March – May 2020 to creating the district’s first ever Summer Lunch Program, Patty has donated her time and energy to support our students and families. Patty also planned and executed three weeks of meals for students over Winter Break and is planning to do the same over Spring Break. Patty approaches every challenge with an open mind and an action solution focus. For this, she is a hero!” 

~ Nominated by Derrick Joel, Superintendent; Raymond Central Public Schools


Jamie and her food service staff provide 18,000-20,000 meals each day during the regular school year. During the pandemic, Jamie coordinates the preparation and distribution of 12,000 meals per week to families with food insecurity.”

~ Nominated by Dan Hoesing, Superintendent; Schuyler Community Schools

These ladies and gentlemen have been working very hard this past year serving meals to hungry children in our community. We never stopped serving from March- present we are still trucking on. They have been very flexible switching from bag grab n go’s to full-service meals. It has been a very stressful year but we have worked through the tough times and challenges to overcome this pandemic. I appreciate all the hard work my staff has put in this year and continue to do so.”

~ Nominated by Jamie Ramirez, Food Service Director; Schuyler Community Schools


They go above and beyond to take care of and give their best to the kids in our district.”

~ Nominated by Phyllis Fisher, Study Hall Monitor; Springfield Platteview Community Schools

Our cafeteria team works tirelessly to ensure that the students have healthy, Covid safe meal preparation and distribution. The students have enjoyed the changes and fun packaging that our ladies have been doing to make this challenging time more bearable. They have a positive attitude and have been flexible and accommodating this school year.” 

~ Nominated by Linda Monahan, Principal; St. John the Baptist School

“Belinda always does a remarkable job serving meals that our students love! In fact, when students are asked what they like best about our school, Belinda’s cooking is always at the top of their list. Last spring when COVID required us to close our school doors and the invite came to serve meals for students at home, Belinda took on this responsibility. She packed up meals three times a week with enough meals for the entire week. Included in each package were at least two hot meals. For parents that could not arrange to pick-up their meals, she made home deliveries. She reached out to families that had not signed up for the meals and encouraged them to do so. As a result, we had 100% of our eligible families participate in our meal program last spring.

Throughout the 20 – 21 school year, with meals available at no cost to families through the Federal Hot Lunch program, we have 100% lunch participation and 75% breakfast. Belinda has assumed the additional cooking responsibilities on her own. For COVID serving and social distancing purposes, Belinda has recruited a few volunteers to come in and assist with this process. Belinda’s pleasant personality has promoted our volunteer’s desire to come in and help out. I can’t say enough great things about our food service director and cook, Belinda Rodriguez! She is dedicated to serving meals that are nutritious and delicious for our students and staff. COVID or otherwise, she does remarkable things for our food service program. We are so grateful for Belinda Rodriquez.”

~ Nominated by Mary Leininger, Principal; St. Joseph’s Catholic School  

Barb is a tireless worker getting to school by 5:30 A.M. every day to prepare breakfast and begin preparing lunch for the Students of St. Paul Lutheran School. Her kitchen is spotless, and her production records are a model for other schools. She has adapted very well to the requirements for serving breakfast and lunch during this pandemic. We have had continuous in-person school for the whole year, and the parents are very grateful for the fantastic and nutritious meals Barb prepares every day. The participation rate at St. Paul has been in the high 90th percent for 15 plus years because Barb is such a good cook.

Barb also prepares Senior Citizen meals for about 30 every Wednesday and Friday as well as 5 Meals-On-Wheels every Monday-Friday. She prepares all of these excellent meals by herself with no complaints and a smile on her lips. Barb is well-deserving of this honor.” 

~ Nominated by Robert Brauer, Principal; St.Paul Lutheran School

Jeanette Davidson serves meals at our school with a huge smile and can-do attitude. She had the breakfasts and lunches lined up immediately upon hearing school would close due to COVID. She always sends food to kids at home, that are on quarantine. Jeanette has a great staff which is a testimony to her leadership. Prior to COVID, Stanton was affected by flooding. The bridge was out which caused Jeanette’s commute to and from school to be four times as long. She had to get up pretty early in the morning to be here in time to serve breakfast to the students. She is a true hero.” 

~ Nominated by Kristy Booras, Administrative Assistant; Stanton Community Schools

She begins her typical day at 6:00am and ends her day around 2:30 pm with one assistant to help her feed both breakfast and lunch for approximate 180 students on the average every school day. At 4:00 pm after a hour and one half break from the kitchen she switches hats and has a two hour bus route to cover. This will be twenty years she has work at this position for this school district.” 

~ Nominated by Howard R. Gaffney, Superintendent; Stapleton Public School

Since the middle of February, Jackie has basically been operating the school breakfast and lunch program by herself. Due to two employees of the kitchen staff, unexpectedly left due to uncontrollable circumstances and since that time, Jackie has completed every task by herself on a daily basis. Our dishwasher lady has been having some health issues as well, so there are some days she is absent from work. We have been very fortunate to have teachers, paras and administrators step in and help Jackie to serve the food and to clean the dishes. Jackie arrives early to work and stays late to make sure breakfast and lunch will be ready to be served to the students.

In my 30+ years of being a school administrator, I have never witnessed a school lunch program operated by one person, but Jackie does it only a daily basis. Of course, we are advertising for replacements, but as of this writing, no one has applied to these positions. Jackie is a very dedicated person to our students and the students love her. I don’t know exactly what a hero is, but Jackie is our hero at Stuart Public School.” 

~ Nominated by Robert Hanzlik, Superintendent; Stuart Public School 


Kristi has worked tirelessly from the start of the pandemic, during school closures, and all summer to feed out students. Kristi and her lunch team continue to provide our Wakefield students healthy meals and snacks. Thanks for all you do!” 

~ Nominated by Michelle Galles, FCS Teacher; Wakefield Community Schools


Our school’s BackPack program fills the gap of nutrition during the weekend and longer school breaks. Jaime has been the BackPack program coordinator at Wakefield Schools for 12 years. Additionally, Jaime serves on the school Health & Wellness team. Thank you Jaime for working behind the scenes to promote health & wellness to all of our students.”

~ Nominated by Michelle Galles, FCS Teacher; Wakefield Community Schools

Michelle has made a huge impact in the lives of students for many years. She has developed classes and curriculums for our students that teach about healthy nutrition and healthy lifestyles. She has also championed programs to supply students with healthy food choices in school meals and snacks. She has even worked to supply staff with the same options. Michelle also models what a healthy lifestyle looks like and provides our students an example of how an adult should condut themselves in maintaining healthy habits.” 

~ Nominated by Matt Farup, HS Principal; Wakefield Community Schools

Judy Poehlman is our food service hero! Judy has seamlessly adapted from the School Nutrition Program to Summer Feeding School Program since COVID hit last March. Judy greets our students warmly in the serving line. Judy uses local vendors to purchase seasonal fruits and vegetables. She also partners with the Wayne County Farm Bureau to promote local beef served on our school menu. Judy is active in state/federal nutrition services activities and promotes goals set by our district wellness committee.” 

~ Nominated by Diane Peters, Asst. Bookkeeper; Wayne Public Schools

Patti was the person leading the charge, when the pandemic shut down our school, to ensure that student meal options were a top priority of the school district. She immediately sought out resources and lined up the staff to get students fed. Her outside-of-the-box thinking helped our students stay fed and relieved a major burden on families of our district. Patti is the most creative and flexible person, no matter the problem she will find a solution!” 

~ Nominated by Justin Patterson, Superintendent; Wilcox-Hildreth Public School

Janice has worked tirelessly to provide nutritious meals for our students, whether the students are quarantined or in school. Janice works to provide these meals by coming to School at 4:30 am and leaves usually around 3:30 never complaining about her job, but instead always saying to her staff we need to keep on working through this for our students. Believe me when she says our students she means it.

Every student in our school knows Janice and she takes time each day to greet our students as they go through our lunch and breakfast lines. When the admin team discussed alternative ways to feed our students this year, Janice had great ideas to accomplish this task. Ultimately, she agreed that students should eat in their classrooms this year to help with social distancing. I believe Wynot has the best lunches in the state and it is because every meal is made with love.

Janice is an outstanding person and our SCHOOL’S NUTRITION HERO!” 

~ Nominated by Jeffrey L Messersmith, Superintendent; Wynot Public Schools

Betty is always going the extra step to make sure all children in our district receive a nutritious meal. Betty works hard to come up with opportunities to excite children to want to participate in the school meal program. She has expanded the breakfast program at York Middle School, and had innovative ideas to expand the SFSP, especially during the COVID shutdown. Betty’s top priority is providing as many meals to children as possible. Her energy and enthusiasm can’t be matched!” 

~ Nominated by Carol Faller, Bookkeeper; York Public Schools