As you know, No Kid Hungry has been working hard to pass and enact the Build Back Better Act, the budget reconciliation bill that contains one of the most transformative investments in children in decades. It recently passed in the House and is now up for consideration in the Senate. Here’s a quick explainer about the three important pieces of the bill that could tackle summer hunger, strengthen school meals and cut child poverty.


It’s critical that the Senate passes the Build Back Better Act before its holiday recess, so on Tuesday, December 14 we’ll lead another day of action, encouraging our network to contact their senators and urging the Senate to swiftly pass the bill this year. Here’s how you can join our national No Kid Hungry social channels on December 14:


  • Urge your networks to email their senators: The #BuildBackBetter Act is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to invest in kids—an opportunity we have to seize. Join us TODAY and urge the Senate to pass this bill and help feed hungry kids:

Hungry kids need your help. With #BuildBackBetter, we have a huge opportunity to help make #NoKidHungry a reality for millions of kids. But the Senate needs to hear from you. Click here to easily contact your Senator TODAY:


  1. Encourage your followers to tweet at their senators

The #BuildBackBetter Act could create bold, transformational change for kids facing hunger & poverty. The Senate must act now to swiftly pass it. Add your voice by tweeting at your senators here:

The Senate has a critical opportunity to help hungry kids by passing the #BuildBackBetter Act. But they need to hear from you. Here’s how you can help:

  1. Educate your audience about Build Back Better

Millions of kids need the Senate to pass the #BuildBackBetter Act now. Learn more here:

Right now, the Senate has a rare, powerful opportunity to invest in kids and they can’t let that slip away. That’s why we’re urging the Senate to pass the #BuildBackBetter Act now. Learn more here:

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