Principals across Indiana work every day with one thing in their minds: the success of their students. They understand that ensuring kids have three meals a day is essential for their development. For this reason, principals have always been a critical part of ending childhood hunger in America.

Today, principals face an extraordinary set of challenges with staff shortages, burnout, and the task of keeping staff and kids safe in school as the pandemic continues. 

This Principal Appreciation Month, we’re thanking school leaders who, in the face of these immense obstacles, continue to work hand in hand with food service staff to ensure students have the nutrition they need.

Ray Liskey, Principal of Harding Elementary

Principal Ray Liskey, considers Food Service to be part of what makes a successful school. He has made it his personal mission to raise awareness around summer meals at Harding Elementary. As a marketing champion, he promotes their meal program through Twitter and social media. Mr. Liskey involves the Food Nutrition Staff in back to School Night and other school events.

"Ray builds relationships with all his building staff and that includes the kitchen employees. When we had the sudden death of our beloved Harding Kitchen Manager – Ray helped to coordinate a tree planting in her memory on school grounds."
School Nutrition Staff
"We never have to ask him to remember us – we are always on his mind"
School Nutrition Staff