Roadshow Recap

Do you want to take your school meals program to the next level? Join us to build your marketing, culinary, leadership and stakeholder engagement skills. During this day-long training, participants will learn how to do the following:

  • Market Your Program in a Tech Savvy World
  • Involve Students and Caregivers in School Meals
  • Break Down Common Barriers to Participation
  • Create Culturally Responsive Foods & Reach Your Community
  • Develop Leadership Skills to Resolve Conflicts

Participants can earn up to 6.5 Professional CEUs by attending this training.

Our Roadshow has concluded. However, you can access the training resources below!

Training Sessions

Human-Centered Design 101

Human-Centered design, part of the School Meals Design Guide, is a creative problem-solving process that can be used to make meal programs more student-centered. In this session, participants will learn how to incorporate human-centered design approaches. By utilizing the skills from the other sessions, participants will be able to formulate strategies to implement these new techniques with the target audience in mind. By utilizing strategies from the human-centered design approach, we can work toward expanding participation in meal programs.

Learning Objectives:

  • Participants will be able to understand the student and parent perspective on the school meal program.
  • Participants will identify strategies to reach more students at their schools. 
  • Participants will develop strategies to reach their target audience and how to involve them in the work.

Professional Standards code: 3230 Evaluate and utilize resources to promote a healthy school environment.

Diversify Your Menu

Join Chef Rebecca as we dive into culturally relevant recipes for the top five that comprise Hoosier families. We will learn more about these cuisines and how to utilize the recipes in school meals. Chef Rebecca will provide practical, culturally responsive school nutrition recipes for you to take back and serve in your schools. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Participants will become familiar with Mexican, Nigerian, Burmese, and Haitian cuisines.
  • Participants will identify one strategy to implement culturally relevant recipes in their school meal programs.
  • Participants can implement at least one recipe in their school meal programs.

Professional Standards code: 2110 Understand and effectively prepare food using a standardized recipe.

Level Up Your Serving Line

Let’s take your serving lines to the next level! Join Chef Rebecca as we learn about garnishing and eye appeal. Don’t forget your phones because participants will learn how to use smartphones to take professional photos that can be shared on social media or school websites. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Participants will identify one strategy to add garnishes in their school menu.
  • Participants will create one serving line design for best eye appeal.
  • Participants will implement one professional food photography strategy in their child nutrition programs.

Professional Standards code: 2230 Serve food to maintain quality and appearance standards.

Breaking Down Barriers 

This session will identify common barriers that keep kids from participating in school meal programs and how to break them down, move towards more accessible programs and feed more students to maximize your programs. This session will feature Indiana leaders who will share their experiences and ideas.

Learning Objectives:

  • Participants will understand several common barriers to program participation, including cost, stigma, time, location and language.
  • Participants will learn specific strategies for how to address these barriers, including innovative service models, eliminating meal co-pays through options like CEP, Provision 2 and non-pricing, leveraging community partnerships, and the resources available to do so.

Professional Standards code: 4110 Develop strategic plans and marketing plans that reflect program goals and enhance interaction with stakeholder.

Marketing Your School Nutrition Program

Marketing your program is critical, but we know it can be difficult to balance with other competing priorities. How do you tell your story correctly and effectively? In this session, participants will learn about various DIY strategies and tools to market their programs to students, parents and caregivers, including social media, engaging the press, promotional events and theme days.

Learning Objectives:

  • Participants will learn how to use various marketing techniques and strategies.
  • Participants will identify the best marketing strategies to reach their target stakeholders.
  • Participants will design a personalized marketing plan. 

Professional Standards code: 4150 Communicate within the school and to the community through multiple approaches to inform and educate stakeholders.

Your Conflict Style Inventory

Conflict is common in the workplace and is something many of us look to avoid, but having the proper tools to deal with conflict can make all the difference when it eventually arises. This 1-hour training explores five different conflict management styles and how each is used to approach difficult conversations with coworkers and/or stakeholders. This training will provide participants with effective tools to approach conflict in the workplace to achieve more positive outcomes. 

Professional Standards code: 3410 Dealing with Difficult People and Personnel Management.

Training Speakers