Starting January 1, and culminating in the month of March, No Kid Hungry Louisiana is kicking off its inaugural 2022 Hunger Heroes Celebration!

In the most interesting of times, school districts, community organizations, and parish-wide volunteers have stepped up to fight against childhood hunger. And as a major part of the celebration, our team wants to highlight and uplift the dedicated individuals who have worked throughout this pandemic to keep Louisiana’s children fed.

Now, through January 25th we are accepting nominations, and we’re asking that you help us identify the local Hunger Heroes in your Parish. 

A Hunger Hero is anyone who goes above and beyond to ensure kids have the food they need to grow and thrive. Hunger Heroes can be nutrition workers, teachers, custodial staff, social workers, school bus drivers, community partners and more. Anyone connected to a school nutrition program.

Click HERE to nominate your Hunger Hero today! 


Ariyon C. Bryant

Senior Manager, No Kid Hungry LA