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Wondering what federal and state resources your school is eligible for?

Click on the name of your school district and then your school name for school level information about eligibility and participation in the child nutrition programs.

How does my school qualify for these nutrition programs?

Schools qualify for most of the nutrition programs based on the their “free and reduced-price school meal rate” or “FARMs rate.” Therefore, be sure to fill out a school meal benefit application every school year. The forms are available at schools and on the school district websites. You can apply at any time during the school year.     Exception:     Schools qualify for CEP based primarily on the number of students enrolled in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). For more information, and to apply for SNAP online, click here.

Is your school eligible but not participating in one or more of the nutrition programs? If so, please contact No Kid Hungry Maryland, the school principal, or the school district’s Food and Nutrition Department. Some schools may not know that they are eligible and other schools may have chosen not to participate due to program requirements or other factors.