Amplify Montana is a community-driven initiative to build the leadership and influence of people who have lived experience of poverty and food insecurity. We believe that elevating voices from all walks of life is essential to dismantling outdated poverty narratives and reimagining a more inclusive and equitable system that works for all of us.



Hunger relief organizations across the country recognize how critical it is to get food to families and communities now. However, we also know that providing food when people are hungry is only a short-term solution to the problem. That is why national momentum is bringing many organizations together to shift from a charity-based model to a justice-based model: where access to food is recognized as a human right, and our focus pivots from feeding communities in the present moment to ending hunger systemically in the long term.

Montana No Kid Hungry is one of many organizations who agree that building lived experience leaders is an essential part of ending hunger and its root causes. People with lived experience of hunger and poverty are often the last ones brought to the table when devising programmatic and policy solutions, even though they have intimate understanding of how our system supports children and families in some ways while also making it very difficult to escape the cycle of poverty. Through Amplify Montana, it is our goal to cultivate leaders across the state who can play an authentic role in building
community-driven solutions to hunger and poverty, challenge stereotypes, educate our
elected officials, and join in the fight for more equitable and resilient communities.

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