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New district-level profiles of school meals programs


CEP Financial Considerations for School Business Officials

Helpful things to consider, including:

  • CEP Can Generate Revenue
  • Eliminating School Meals Applications Saves Time and Money
  • Participation in School Meals Can Increase


How Does CEP Affect Education Funding?

Answers to one of the most common questions we hear about CEP: How does it affect…

  • Title 1 Funding?
  • E-Rate Funding?
  • State Education Funding?
  • SAT, ACT, and AP Waivers?


CEP Talking Points for School Administrators

Prepare for conversations with school administrators about adopting or expanding CEP in the coming school year.


Other Options for Universal Free School Meals (including Provision 2)

School districts have several school meal funding options for implementing universal free school meals, including the Community Eligibility Provision (CEP), Provision 2, and locally funded universal free meals (“non-pricing”).


No Kid Hungry CEP Calculator

Assess the opportunity and impact of operating CEP on your district’s revenue. Keep in mind: The calculator might not factor in potential problems with meal debt.


No Kid Hungry’s “CEP Week” Videos

Check out Day 3 – CEP and Your Central Business Officer (CBO).


Federal Legislation and Policy: Child Nutrition Reauthorization

The Healthy Meals, Healthy Kids Act was introduced in the House of Representatives on July 20, 2022. The House Education and Labor Committee, which has jurisdiction over the CNR process in the House of Representatives, passed it out of committee. This is comprehensive legislation that covers all of the child nutrition programs and incorporates ideas from numerous marker bills introduced over the past several years — including updates to CEP. For more details, review our summary and see our official statement. Unfortunately, this bill was never passed by the full House, and the Senate did not take up any CNR legislation of its own.


Federal Legislation and Policy: What to Expect in the 118th Congress? (Webinar)